Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Running in the Rain

Sunday I managed to make it to REI to get a headlamp. So Sunday night I went for my first night time in the rain run.

and it was awesome. 

I took music, put on an upbeat tune (It was Matt and Kim, but I don't really remember what track? I think it was block after block but you should also check out daylight, and cameras by them.. I'll link at the bottom. And you're welcome in advance!)

I had a good pace (couldn't tell you what since I didn't look at the clock) and my legs were moving on their own as I was rocking out. Stuck with just 2 miles since I hadn't ran in a while.

There's a certain amount of freedom that the dark brings. It's so much easier to just pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist when it's just you, the darkness, your light and some music. An added bonus is that you can really tell if you're being all sorts of bobbly when you're running with a light on your head. As I was gliding along my light made a steady line, no jerky up and down movement. Sweet. And it was raining, which made it just that much more fun.

I know a lot of people dread getting out in the rain, but I love the rain.

You don't live in Seattle if you don't have a certain amount of affection for the rain. After living in Arizona for 1.5 years.. I LOVE the rain. I don't love the downpours type rain the rest of the country seems to get, but the misty don't even really notice it rain we have here, is wonderful.


  1. Thanks for the music! By the way, what shoes were you wearing, if any? I've worn my five fingers through some light mist but nothing heavy. I'm thinking that might be a recipe for blisters.

  2. I've been wearing my racing flats. I still get tendon soreness from time to time if I go without some heel lift for too long (since I started working again, the first day I wore my flats to work and my tendons were all inflamed from just standing/walking in them all day.) Baby steps, baby steps.

    I can see the VFF being problematic. To tell you the truth I think I have more ground feel in the flats than I did in VFF - that and I managed to bruise my foot with the strap.