Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different...

He had a court hearing this morning and no charges were filed at this time.

Seattle has a "Superhero" who goes by "Phoenix Jones"

He roams the streets of Seattle in full anonymous gear looking for crimes in action. When he sees one he alerts police (he has an automatic dialer built into his superhero suit - no lie).

He states "I symbolize that the average person doesn't have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing"

Phoenix Jones was arrested over the weekend for assault.

The whole thing was caught on tape by one of his companions.

Not sure if the other parties involved in this whole thing realized that it was being taped, or were too drunk to care.

The accusing party states that they left the club and were dancing when Mr. Jones approached them and sprayed them with pepper spray. One of the female 'victims' then started chasing Mr. Jones and his companions around and hitting them with her stiletto heels..

Mr. Jones said there was a fight and he went to break it up - alerting police as he was running towards the scene. After breaking up the initial fight, Mr. Jones is chased by previous mentioned woman with her shoe. We also see another female hit another member of Mr. Jones companions. Then things get really crazy...

If you watch the video, you can hear it said they are still fighting after they move away from the initial scene. At one point you see a car appearing to try to swerve into someone to hit them, barely missing. The police still haven't arrived. Mr. Jones keeps his eye on the other parties - at one point they get into an SUV and chase Mr. Jones and his companions into the ferry terminal. They then throw things at them while they seek cover.

I can't even make this stuff up....

The cops finally arrive
over 10 minutes later

that's worth repeating

over 10 minutes later the police respond
in the middle of downtown Seattle

The shoe woman tells the police the story about how they were dancing and Mr. Jones came and pepper sprayed them for no reason. Mr Jones offers the officer to watch the video of the entire incident. Officer refuses and arrests Mr. Jones on assault charges because that is what the shoe wielding woman wants to do. Of course this reveals his true identity, giving up his anonymous cloak he was able to work under previously.

Police didn't even know who he was prior.

They have continuously told him not to get involved. To call 911 should anyone see an infraction of the law being committed.

which again brings up back to
10 minutes in downtown Seattle

If you were being assaulted, do you think you'd have 10 minutes to wait around for the police to show up?

How would you feel if you saw someone standing across the street doing nothing to help you while you're being assaulted while waiting for police to arrive, which you know may or may not happen while you're still breathing?

This is basically what the police are telling you to do.

The way I view Mr. Jones and his posse, is a bit like a community watch group on steroids.

Here's the video
Blow it up to full screen and pay close attention.

  1. He is not coming up on them quietly, and he is alerting the police as he goes to the scene. There is no way they did not hear him coming. 
  2. If you watch closely you can see that there are 2-3 males fighting on the righthand side of the crowd.
  3. Mr. Jones runs into the crowd. You're unable to really see what is happening here, but lets go ahead and assume that he used pepper spray to break up the fight when his yelling and screaming didn't do the trick. 
  4. The woman then assaults a man with Mr. Jones and then turns on Mr. Jones and continues to chase and assault him. 
  5. They leave and are watched by Mr. Jones and companions. 
  6. You then see the car nearly miss hitting someone. 
  7. More watching and waiting on police. 

You get the idea..

But this story gets better. The woman went on a radio show and said, there was indeed a fight which means she lied to police.

Radio interview here

warning - she sounds really smart.. it's a bit painful to listen to. You can really just skip to the end where she says yea there was a fight but it was with some other people that were standing right next to us and her sequence of events just don't match up with the video, but oh well...

More audio at

Now I don't know about you, but if I was feeling threatened I'd probably be trying to run away from what was threatening me, not towards it. Maybe I'm just weird....

We also learn with the exposure of his identity that Mr. Jones is a mixed martial arts fighter AKA if he wanted to he could really mess you up so you're probably lucky that he decided pepper spray was an effective method.

He has a court hearing set for thursday..

It will have to be seen if Seattle has seen the last days of its super hero. With his identity revealed, it's even riskier business for him to continue than it was previously because it puts his family (wife and two children) at risk.

Oh Seattle, you're so strange. 

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