Friday, July 8, 2011

More Wool Huarache Laces

I think I have this wool lace thing down to a science. I'm still experimenting with different types of yarn and how tight I need to make them prior to felting, how long they need to be to account for the shrinking when felting, along with efficient felting methods. I'm sending a few of these off to new homes so I can see what other people think of them.


Post Felting


  1. Are you simply twisting the yarn? Would an i-cord work? Can you give detailed instructions? What yarn do you use? Your laces look beautiful! I've been using the equus laces, but switched to regular leather, which has been hard to get right. I think you are on to something! Thanks!

  2. Hey Allison
    If you look at my original attempt at these
    I started by making them icords - so it definitely works that way. I made it larger by double knitting the yarn (I wanted a larger surface area to prevent pressure points) and a size 7 needle.

    Frankly, I find knitting icords boring though, and without felting the icord is way too stretchy for this purpose - so I wanted a simpler way to make them. The method that I'm using is a twisted cord and I've been using Malabrigo single ply worsted (though still experimenting with other yarns.)

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