Sunday, June 26, 2011

Iron Horse Trail and Cedar Butte

The view from the summit of Cedar Butte

We headed out this weeekend with intentions of hiking rattlesnake ridge, but when we got there it appeared a million and a half other people had the same intention. Since standing in a solid line and walking isn't our idea of enjoying a nice hike, we continued up a little bit and came upon Iron Horse Trail. Iron Horse trail used to be the site of old train lines which is still evident along parts of the trail.

Iron Horse Trail


Salmonberries line the path along with the occasional small water falls. This trail is used by bikers looking for a nice leisurely ride with beautiful scenery.

After walking the Iron Horse Trail for a bit, we came upon the trail head for Cedar Butte and decided to give it a go. It's a trail surrounded by lush forest area, not another soul in sight and ground that would be perfect for trail running.

This hike would be perfect even on sunny days with all the shade that's provided by the landscape.

After we made it to the top, ate a snack and sat for a bit, we headed back down the trail and continued on the Iron Horse Trail. Small offshoots of the trail also offered some stunning views of nearby mountains.

It was an enjoyable hike and I'm glad we went. We'll probably head back to this area to do some additional exploring.

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